We r Code

Idea's brought to life, problems solved, clean maintainable code, senior craftsmanship.

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We r skilled

Ruby on Rails

From greenfield to app maintenance, we r ruby.

React (native)

Building mobile apps, or creating great user interfaces, we r react


ES6, Typscript, webpack or node. we r javascript


A product is nice, but having it in the cloud is great, we r amazon


Installing packages on your machine might work, but docker save's time everywhere, we r docker


Do you need something else? We know a bunch of people who are willing to help out, we r connected


Bootstrap your team with knowledge aquired by years of coding, we r knowledge

We r suited

Building great products, awesome solutions or cool startups require specific character traits, we've got you covered!

We r experienced, all of our specialists have at least 10 years experience in their field.

We r senior, we dont blame or shame, we find and create solutions. Progress is our only ambition.

We r team players, need extra development power, add us to one of your teams, if necessary we can lead them using agile development methods.

We r fun, having likeable people in teams not only increases employee happiness, it also performs better.

We r people

René Weteling

Backend specialist

Oscar Bakker

Front-end specialist